Miss Marlane Pinto founded the Proudly South African initiative, Driven Diesel SA in 2008.

Being in the Fuel industry for over 12 years, gives Miss Pinto the greatly beneficial expertise and experience, that has flourished Driven Diesel SA into the woman empowered and service driven company that it is today.


Being a hands on business owner, her forte is representing clients in the quotation,purchase and delivery of the diesel, as well as keeping the client informed each step of the way. Efficiency is key to running a successful business, without it you will loose the core and life that holds it together.

Its about Passion and professionalism with her desire to serve her clients needs coupled with great business expertise and superior skills sets Marlane apart from your everyday business owners.

Marlane Pinto, Driven Diesel owner

If you are in the market to buy quality diesel with great service, call Marlane Pinto today.


Therefore we are fortunate to be able to supply our clients with a Quality product that is filtered and cleansed up to a 1 particle micron.

Which means in diesel terms, it is “SUPER CLEAN”. We are constantly testing our diesel to ensure a Super Clean status, enabling us to supply our client validation certificates at any time.


Being in the industry has allowed us to put our focus on the need to provide for developing and ready set businesses, such as yourselves. Offering various forms of high quality petroleum and diesel products. Driven Diesel is dedicated to supply honest, efficient and quality service to our customers. We strive for integrity.


Our product range consists of one distinct product category : Diesel 50ppm.


Building successful long term relationships with our clients, allows Driven Diesel to prosper and grow as an integrated service providing company, fulfilling our clients needs and expectations regularly.


We lead to succeed, being able to provide a highly recommended and recognized; 100% customer satisfactory service, to both existing and new customers. We guarantee you efficiency in each department.

Ensuring our company, Driven Diesel becomes known throughout our country, this is a prime objective for us.

Pursuing forward with our utmost best in order to make this business a successful one.

Driven Diesel run by powerful and enthusiastic people, leading us onto success.

We are a serviced based company specializing in Quality Certified Diesel.

Our Company has long standing experience in the diesel industry.


We are in partnership with a highly specialized and experienced diesel filtration company, which has been in business for the past 20 years.

We will strive to be leaders in the servicing aspect of supplying of Petroleum mainly diesel. Our Goals - Are very simple we plan on ensuring that our service levels are of such a high standard that our customers do not only support us due to our pricing but due to the high level of service they receive









0860DRIVEN (374836)

Marlane Pinto, Driven Diesel owner
Marlane Pinto, Driven Diesel owner
Marlane Pinto, Driven Diesel owner



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